The a few teasers and 1st trailer of Alice: Madness Returns including gameplay footage all compiled into one Hd Movie. The activity will be produced June 14th 2011

19 thoughts on “Alice: Madness Returns Teaser and Trailer HD Compilation and First Gameplay Footage

  1. Question. Why was Rabbit removed from the game? He was clearly in the last trailer, but in the actual game he is nowhere to be seen. Besides from ONE cutscene. So why? Why did an important character to Alice?

  2. Ah the plenty good old times where Trailers were Renderd and with that betterlooking that the game. But today we look at games promting promissing like yelling as they show off their graphics not to be afriaid of showing what they realy are. Its weird to think that i just said that…

  3. i think the game still looks pretty awesome despite the years it has under its belt, so to speak.
    and it ABSOLUTELY deserves a third installment!

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