Hello there :)

We are super fired up to show you some gameplay of our Allison Road prototype / pre-Alpha.

These 13 minutes have been put collectively by our tiny team of 6 (that’s together with SFX & New music) to showcase wherever the growth of the activity is at and to give you a truly feel for the vibe that we are likely for.

In purchase to do that without having spoiling any of the story we made a decision to separate it from the true activity, so though this is actual gameplay it really is not what you can expect to see in the whole edition of the activity.

At this place fairly substantially all of our core mechanics are in area, nonetheless, some really failed to make the slice-off for the video clip
The inventory is a person of those people factors.
We’ll showcase that at some place in the upcoming.

All the things you see here is perform in progress of class some of the belongings are just stand-ins and stuff like that, nonetheless, it was significant to us to show you what Allison Road seems to be like when performed.

Actually hope you like it and if you have any remarks please head on in excess of to the facebook site


Thanks a good deal!

20 thoughts on “Allison Road – Prototype Gameplay

  1. I really look forward to this game. I will tell you though that the slow burn is difficult to follow. A tighter tension at the beginning will keep your players interested in the mystery of the story, along with no narration. <3

  2. I don't do good with scary stuff so this took me well over 45 minutes to watch. At some point I got so tense, I was like "I need some animal crackers." Mind you, it was past 11pm and the only other person up was my mom and I knew this. I get to the kitchen and just as I am grabbing the animal crackers my mom walks into the kitchen and just her walking in scared the shit out of me.

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