The yr is 1899. Rich industrialist Oswald Mandus has returned house from a disastrous expedition to Mexico, which has ended in tragedy. Wracked by fever, haunted by desires of a darkish equipment, he recovers consciousness in his individual bed, with no concept of how a lot time has handed since his final memory. As he struggles to his toes, someplace beneath him, an motor splutters, coughs, roars into lifestyle…

Developer: Frictional Games/ The Chinese Home
Launch: Q1/2013
Genre: Endure Horror
Platform: Laptop
Publisher: Frictional Games
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28 thoughts on “Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Halloween Trailer [HD]

  1. I liked this game but I just couldn't compare it with amnesia the dark descent because there's no insanity, there's no refilling oil, there isn't much scares as dark descent and also the manpigs weren't as scary. I think could have been better off being it's own title than being a sequel to the dark descent.

  2. Idc what ppl say. I like this more than atdd because of the insane, interesting, bisarre story that takes place. This is a true descent into madness. I dudnt feel the same way for atdd.

  3. If that game has better scares, than those fucking pigs, this would be a best horror ever. Idea of evil machine for killing pigs (human) is so terrifying 0_0

  4. There is just one thing I don't really understand. I finished playing this game for so many times. Seriously, I lost count. But there is something that bothers me. When I first saw this trailer the creepiest part for me was at 1:30. When he had to hide quickly and the pig came by screaming. When I first saw this trailer I was already getting scared for just that part. But… The game doesn't have this? In fact, you never really have to hide. The manpigs you do encounter are so easily avoided. There really isn't any hide and seek in this game. But it still bothers me that I don't see this part in the game. Why is this? It would be so much better with this in it. I also don't really recall that room. Sure it looks like one of the rooms in the game, but it doesn't have the plastic hanging in the doorway and you can't hide? Or did I just miss something?

  5. Holy fuck. Guys in the video the woman is singing "god save us" in Greek. In the movie "lord of the flies" Jack's choir sings the same thing. Now what is common in Lord of the flies? Pigs. Holy shit the amount of work just put into traliers is astounding.

  6. here is my opinion: (i'm not gonna spoil anything)
    i finished the game yesterday, and first i have to say it was really good ^^ aamfp is that kind of game, where you have to explore a little… you have to find all the letters and read the diary notes to fully understand the story. a lot of players are saying that this isn't scary at all, but i have to disagree. if you play it alone in the dark the only thing you can do is mumbling to yourself that omygad please dont come at me piggies ;_; the puzzles are are exciting and interesting as well as the pigman chases… but i have to say that if you engage a pigman, you dont really have to crouch and take the light away… you can easily outrun them and escape… if you are fast enough 😉 there are a few things about aamfp that bothers me… a main thing is the game is too short… i'm that kind of player, that explores everythin and goes everywhere to find everything, but even with this, i finished the game under like 6 hours… also Mandus doesn't really show much personality. the game itself was really scary and exciting. people say the first one was better, but for who doesnt played that one, it will be the best horror they ever played :) my personal opinion is the pig-screams are much more terryfiing than the other game's music. the music in some part of the game is fucking amazing 😀 it fits perfectly. you all should totally play this ^^ in my opinion its a 9/10 for the short story and less personality… thanks for reading :33

  7. It was an okay game, but I agree with what another commenter said. It didn't live up to its hype and you couldn't even make custom stories for it either. That KILLED the modding community for Amnesia.

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