Between the Slumber is a to start with person horror experience, in which you participate in a two calendar year old baby. Preorder from

Also, there is a new natural environment teaser out: at?v=swC-ajfMdRg

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42 thoughts on “Among the Sleep – Gameplay Teaser

  1. C'est quand sa va sortir? Je l'ai déjà vu même le dlc mais se lui la e l'ai jamais vu personne n'y a y joué le bébé change de maison? Parce que j'ai vu le VRAI among the sleep 15000 fois et la maisons maisons étais pas du tout comme ça ! Et c'est pas la même maisons que le dlc d'ailleurs 

  2. +Jeo Fickles +Florence Mauricio
    Actually the thing the child is scared of is his mother. His mother is the monster depicted throughout the game. Why? Well because his mother abuses him and drinks. Through the eyes of a two year old however, he doesn't understand nor see that. Instead, he sees two separate beings: his dear, missing, kind mother, and the swamp witch whom he hides from. There were a lot of times where you could find his own drawings, usually of the divorce his parents went through and of a monster looming over a little boy.

    So throughout the game you are trying to find his mother, or rather, items that she finds dear (or maybe what he finds dear) to her heart to bring her back, while at the same time, we the players are trying to figure out what's going on. Its all set in an imaginary land that the child fabricated, but there are a lot of subtle clues you can follow.

    Its a really beautiful game if you guys gave it the chance.

  3. this game is actually from norway, a bunch of student started this as a School Project and 3 years they spent on this, now its released. how about that!

  4. Oh my goodness this is insane but I like it.  What was that shadowy creature at 0:34? Oh boy this looks good and scary and awesome and whatever else. When is the release date for this bad boy? And please tell me the toddler doesn't have to go to war with monsters and stuff. Definitely on my list of games to wait for.

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