**(UPDATE: It is Over 9000!!!!!)**
This is the trailer for the new Bakugan Movie Match coming out in Fall, 2009. It is for ps2, ps3, Wii, DS, X-Box360, and maybe other people (it must say in the video) . I do not possess Bakugan Battle Brawlers, SEGA, or Spin Grasp (or any of the consoles mentioned higher than) . I am just right here to bring this facts to you fascinated enthusiasts out there. This is what is up so far. You should amount, remark, and subscribe. Not all are essentially essential, but remember to do as you must. Get pleasure from!
P.S. Seem AT ALL THE FLAW’S IN THIS DEMO! Some people today by now mentioned it beneath, so if you see just about anything else that people today did not, remember to also react beneath. This recreation is coming out Fall 2009. There is no distinct day, but that is as close as I could uncover.

43 thoughts on “Bakugan Video Game Trailer

  1. Problem #1. In the battle, dan threw down Delta dragonoid? I think, and the monster was just regular dragonoid. Problem #2. Masquerade threw down the Dule Hydronoid, and it came out as regular hydronoid. Really confusing…

  2. wait why did Dan threw delta dragonoid and it turns out it's the normal dragonoid and Masquarade threw dual hydranoid but it turns out it's the normal hydranoid

  3. well they dint do the bakugan bals rigth (by that i mean normal dragonoid got the delta dragonoid ball and normal hydra got dual hydra ball)

  4. Well, we should be glad these aren't the actual graphics in the game and that the actual graphics are WAY better looking than this commercial, and they even used the same voice actors from the show for the game, unlike this commercial

  5. Many things wrong with this video one the ball form of drago and hydronoid second hydronoid would never NEVER be at 250 g's third the ultimate boost is not an ability card. But still cool ?

  6. a lot of things in this trailer are very wrong but there are 2 thing in this trailer that are very right. the music and the graphics.vdan and masquerade look kinda retarded tho but the bakugan themselves look better than the game itself

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