The excessive SciFi shooter Crysis two is right here. Get ready to struggle for humanity as a Nanosuit powered super soldier in this launch trailer for the video game.

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46 thoughts on “Crysis 2: Official Launch Trailer

  1. The problem of crysis 2 is…. they never told me what happen to Nomad (Ingame) which had died on the ship. They think it ain't important…. EA think that player ain't important… the most important thing is money and f*ck players…. BTW,I prefer 1st Crysis because it's more open world than linear game such 2nd and 3rd game.

  2. Original Crysis and Crysis Warhead were SO much better than this, let alone Crysis 3….shame what kind of direction the series took after becoming multiplatform franchise =/

  3. PRAISE GOD!!!! An AMAZING GAME for sci-fi fans! I can finally play something besides Halo that will keep me entertained and happy!! Praise CRYSIS 2! 

  4. Ok Nespithe In The Comments Says This Trailer Was Ruined Because Of The Music If U Think That Was That Bad GTFO U Dont Have Taste In Music

  5. true but the chief is a lovable character and in Crysis 3 they really complicated things with Prophet and Alcatraz and the Mjolnir Armour is pretty cool so I can see where he's coming from.

  6. MC has also survived a nuke, survived reentry (twice), also the vacuum of space, and also the explosion of a space ship. Also the freezing temp too. But the others…. Nanosuit just might be better. But who's inside the suit is what matters. So MC wins that.

  7. Yeah no. He survived falling from space.

    Nanosuit: Kept a dead man alive. Made a copy of a personality (Which didn't crap out in 7 years). Survived a nuke. Survived snap freeze temps. Survived the vacuum of space, survived a shock wave of a stage 3 ceph ship being blown up, survived falling back down to earth after the shock wave, all while the nanosuit damaged. And rebuilt a body.


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