Check out out the official cinematic trailer for Dishonored 2 !
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DISHONORED 2 Trailer [E3 2015]
Release day : Spring 2016 on PS4, Xbox Just one and Computer system
© 2015 – Bethesda

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20 thoughts on “DISHONORED 2 Trailer [E3 2015]

  1. it looks like emily is been kicked out from the empress's throne by some sort of a twisted plot and it want's revenge,this is what dishonored is all about,man this game is so epic 😀 !!!!

  2. Lol I don't know why people are bitching, the story seems pretty good, and kudos on making a female character on a big console for the genre, something AC has yet to do (and before someone replies I said big console not handheld)

  3. I absolutely understand all the people getting mad about the main character being changed because they want Corvo back but to everyone who's getting mad just because the main character is a girl FUCK YOU!

  4. Please, none of the bullshit from the first game. No punishing the player with the bad ending just because we assassinate the targets. And bring back Sam the Boatman!

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