Eador Masters of the Broken Planet.

Eador is a universe built out of shards that float in the Excellent Absolutely nothing. Every single shard is a full new earth with rules of it is personal. Following a good Cataclysm,the earth of Eador,was shattered into shards. The ability in excess of the shards was offered and sustained by the so named Masters,the gods of Eador.


The video game by by itself is a transform dependent technique video game. There are 5 sorts of shards: Crystal Planet,Guarder Planet,Planet of Fear,Planet of knowledge and Planet of religion,every having a unique attribute,that means and bonuses.


As considerably as gameplay goes.it mimics May possibly and Magic Heroes. And by that i necessarily mean you have a castle which you need to have to degree up in buy to gain a lot more ability and uits and the battle options a hexagonal grid in which you have to put and transfer your units strategically.

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