Trailer for upcoming movie “Amusing Video games”

21 thoughts on “Funny Games Trailer

  1. In my bizarre interpretation, I believe Michael Haneke remade his own film(and also the fact that he originally wanted to make the film for the American audiences in the first place) because of the remake trend that's been going on around at the time(still is to a degree). Almost like a commentary on American remakes, and in a strange way mocking it through his OWN REMAKE. That's just the way I see it. Of course, the remake is pointless, but personally I think that WAS the point.

  2. This film is a remake of Funny Games (1997) from Austria by Director: Michael Haneke. Watch this original one and you'll be thrilled much better then this 2007 Version.

  3. this is honestly a really bad trailer. i just watched it in full and haven't formulated an opinion quite yet, but it's a lot different than what this trailer makes it out to be. it makes it seem like a comedy horror like Scream or something.

    plus taking the scene of Naomi Watts stripping and using that as "sensual" footage is kinda shitty and misses the point of that whole scene.

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