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This HBO film follows John McCain’s 2008 presidential marketing campaign, from his collection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his jogging mate, to their best defeat in the common election.

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Recreation Change: Trailer (HBO Films)

35 thoughts on “Game Change: Trailer (HBO Films)

  1. Lets face it, a lot of the things the real Sarah Palin didn't know were things that the average person didn't know. In saying that, when you are in, or at least have an interest in, you absolutely have to know these things! John McCain was made an absolute fool to be associated with this woman in the end!

  2. McCain was cool because I would have impailed my advisors for signing her up. Obama should thank Palin for the sabotage, almost made the race into a picnic. I am sure democrats feel sorry for McCain's epic mistake as he was more human compared to Bush. Even a high school drop out knew more than Palin, epic lesson in politics.

  3. How come this is not a comedy. Makes no sense. Here stupidity was so amazing it would make a great comedy. I was expecting something like Idiocracy.

  4. Sarah Palin couldn't handle the 2008 campaign, and this film shows it perfectly. She is skilled, but she has a big problem when it comes to foreign policy. And, because of the stress and the pressure on her for that problem, everything else fell just like dominoes. I'm not a Republican, but this woman isn't stupid, she wasn't ready.

  5. I just watched this its good but I was about 13 when this was going on can someone tell me was she really this stupid? Was she actually saying this shit in interviews 

  6. Magnificently done, great casting Julian Moore nailed her part in this movie, Woody Harrelson superb acting, he had me glued to the screen, Ed Harris and Sarah Paulsen great performances, Wow!

  7. Almost all of them are the same. They aren't here to protect you and me. They are here to protect the wishes of corporations. I wouldn't expect it to be any different, given the nature of campaign contributions run elections.

  8. lol exactly. if there was one thing that came across in the book and movie, it was the highly simulated nature of american politics. People on both sides are constructions of equal parts of celebrity, advertising and demagoguery. These people aren't actually hard at work figuring out how to better the nation, nor they ideologically driven. They are just there to sell you a puff piece, hoping that it will entice you enough to pick them over the opposition.

  9. Whatever this movie is about is great, the problem with today's "democracy" is that it has nothing to do with democracy. If that was true, Ron Paul would have won, without a doubt. When someone pulls in 5+ times more people to his campaign rally's than the opposition and doesn't win, truth speaks for itself.

  10. You fail in thinking. I'm no kind of an apologist. America is fucked, no matter who your president is. It ain't the president who runs the country in the end anyway.

  11. Obama has continued the Bush doctrine 100% he has renewed the Patriot act the NDAA, FISA and the list goes on. He now wages war with his Drone doctrine and has even assassinated 2 American citizens without due process. He attacked Libya without so much as telling congress. Tell us John how is Bush worse than Obama or are you some apologist? I think the latter. Obama is by far one of the worst Presidents we have ever had including Bush and Nixon.

  12. I know huh? Instead it's run by a warmongering authoritarian corporatist. Obama is much worse than even Bush. Heck he even beat out Nixon with all of the scandals here recently.

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