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For the history, I did this in about 4 times. That may well seem quick, but for 2 of those people times I did certainly nothing else.

Can you spot the Grep? EDIT: Yeah, most of you uncovered it.

Trailer audio: “For the Glory” by Simeon Bowring

Also, particular thanks to Whacka2008. His “Most effective of Activity Grumps” movies saved me a ton of time exploring for clips:

Ending tune: Hot Head Bop from Donkey Kong Country 2.

41 thoughts on “Game Grumps The Movie Trailer – Gregzilla

  1. Here's how i think the story would go:

    Jon and Arin notice the Robin, which Jon captures, then wishes for world domination. Arin then wakes up in a dystopian future where Jon now controls all. Barry has been reduced to a disembodied line of text in this world. Arin reunites with Barry, and they attempt to stop Jon. They also meet Grant Kirkhope, who joins the group. Meanwhile, Jon attempts to stop the Grump Resistance (As they call themselves) from destroying everything he's "created", but begins to have second thoughts when he remembers how he used to be friends with Arin. Jon dismisses these thoughts when the resistance, alongside Arin's girlfriend Suzy the goose, storms his castle. He then manages to kill Grant, and throws the rest outta the castle (barry he can't really throw out, but being a friend of Jon, he just goes along with it.) Arin laments over the death, and finally confesses to Suzy. His kiss turns Suzy into a person, officially making her a grump. He leaves suzy and barry so as to not endanger them, and goes to the final confrontation with Jon. Here, Jon's plan unfolds. He aims to summon the Grump moon to unleash a whole wave of Grep on the world, completely asserting his dominECH-ce at 150%. It also turns out he planned ahead for this battle, having actually just been a lemon with a grep face all this time. He's actually behind arin. In an epic battle, they blow up his castle and land in the grounds. They try to shoot each other, but Arin can't bring himself to kill his best friend, while Jon's out of bullets (that's why you bring ammo). Arin finally convinces Jon that the robin was never worth it, but it's too late. It turns out that instead of Jon using the robin, the robin had used Jon. Greedily, Jon sacrificed the robin for a maxed out single wish instead of three small wishes, but this gives the robin's spirit incredible power. It proceeds to turn into mega-satan, which the grumps battle. After destroying the demon bird, it reverts back to a normal form. As it turns out, it's power boost also refreshed the wish timer. Lacking a sacrificial altar, the grumps drive to hell, taking the robin with them, whilst wishing that the adventure had never happened, and that robins didn't grant wishes anymore. It barely works, and through the power of deus ex machina, everyone's alive again (but suzy's a goose and barry's still text)

  2. I view this story as Arin noticing something wrong with jon and that the real jon is dead and in limbo. Arin also dies and the two hash out a feud before working together to strop the evil lemon doppelganger from destroying the world.

  3. Needs some more "You gotta look inside yourself and say 'What was I willing to put up with today? – NOT FUCKIN' THIS!'".

    But other than that, please marry me.

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