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20 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Season 6 Jon Snow Teaser Breakdown

  1. Here is my theory on what will happen:As season 6 opens – it will show John Snow bleeding out on the ground – but not dead. Right at that moment, the Whitewalkers will attack the wall, slaughtering everybody. There will be a special ritual for John, turning him into a Whitewalker. Perhaps leader of the Whitewalkers?? Eventually they will take down one of the dragons, turning it into a white and blue ice dragon. The shit's gonna get real.

  2. My first thought was that he really died but when I thought about I really started to hope they'd turn him into a Coldhands type og character what with the actual Coldhands turning up during Brans story.

  3. Jon Snow has to die. It is the only way out of his vow to the Night's Watch. Jon's moral code would not allow him to truly do something forbidden by his vow. Up to now he has only bent, not broke the vow. Now when he is bought back to life by whatever means, he will be free to do whatever he feels he needs to. As far as his time in the Night's Watch goes, he has done what he really needed to do. And that was get the wildlings south of the wall. He was starting to become an Administrator, which does not advance the story. Yes there was still problem to solve on the wall, but nothing a normal Lord Commander could not handle. Jon need to be free to leave the wall to save the realm of men from the long night. Not just command 600 so so warriors.

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