Sport of Thrones period six | Jon Snow’s return – Trailer Examination

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Trailer anlaysis relating to Jon Snow’s return

Sport of thrones period six | Trailer Breakdown (Purple Band)

Sport of thrones period six | R+L=J | Will Jon Snow’s mom and dad get revealed?

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44 thoughts on “Game of Thrones season 6 | Jon Snow’s return – Trailer Analysis

  1. At the intro there is already the foreshadowing!! I have been dying to see this scene where rhaegar and lianna is inlove then the rebels overthrow rhaegar the mad king then found jon snow R+L=J confirmed! Also want to see theon gets the greyjoy iron throne and helps jon killing ramsey for the war of the north and the revenge of lady stoneheart with it

  2. I saw the red woman.. goes form very sexy and young.. and ..well.. to very old and ..very nasty.. but I hope Jon isn t dead.. and he comes back.. he is the only one how can save the North and the Seven Kingdoms.. and I do bellive he is .. a Stark-Targeryen. if he is that.. he doesn t only are Heir to the North and Winterfell, but he is a Key role for Peace in the seven kingdoms too.

  3. GRRM sacrificed many good characters and kept shit load of bad characters alive trying to make a point? What Fucking point is he trying to make? All he has ever done so far was keeping us impatience about whether when the Lannisters, Boltons and the Freys will be overthrown. These families murdered many people and they are still not on their Knees. Seriously, how long will he continue to keep them alive?

  4. Know who's death is really going to bother me? Davos Seaworth. He's one of the truly good people on the show, and he's played by a remarkable actor. Unfortunately I think his arc may have run its course. :(

  5. not to be super negative.. I REEAAAAALLLLLYYY hope im wrong, but in the books Mellisandre saved Mance, in actuality they burned somone who they changed to look like Mance (with magic) and changed Mance to look like the other guy. In the trailer you hear ole carot top saying that he though Jon would lead them, but now he is dead and so he will have to do it…. WHAT if Melisandre changes him to look like Jon? and all this speculation saying Jon is alive because Kit is being seen performing in scenes, but in actuality Kit is only performing not because Jon is alive, but rather carot top was magically changed to look like jon. and so when we are told that Jon is dead it means he is actually dead? I hope i am wrong, and I hope he will be revived (I feel that the Old Gods would do it because Jon starts to feel a connection with his wolf and the old gods)

  6. She doesn't know diddly about resurrection. Mirii Mazz'dur didn't know
    diddly about it either. Ditto Thoros, albeit he did have something of a clue.
    This is straight prophecy/fate, son. Once the necessary elements are set
    in motion, intentions and emotions amount to…..well pretty much, diddly.

  7. Sore not having it Daenerys is Azhor Azhai if you read the books while it doesn't confirm it she fits the proo100% Jon doesn't at all. Also it's Mel-iss-an-dray plz pronounced it right if you're gonna act like the GoT guru

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