My Reaction to the Sport of Thrones Season six: Trailer (Red BAND) (HBO)

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26 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 6: Trailer (RED BAND) (HBO) – REACTION

  1. HOW SICK would it have been if at the end of the trailer instead of the "Apologies for what you're about to see" it would have faded away with ser Arthur Dayne saying "Now it begins.."?

  2. You've been able to stream HBO for quite awhile! It's not that HBO needs to talk with. Game of Thrones isn't on Netflix and I believe is only for Netflix.

  3. call me crazy but I think snow won't be brought back until the season 6 finale and melissandra will tell him that he was the one her visions were telling her about and is destined to lead with others to defeat the white walkers.

  4. Hey European foreginer you don't know about your character .always violent scence saw in film just like deadpool.All parents teaches his children in Europe bad character. that's why rape will be increase now a days.always most of the Europe film sex scence .
    Our country people have good character than that of Europe people.

  5. I don't understand this that only some reaction channel response to negative feedback or news, this has been going on for MONTHS, so audience believes that the people who are not responding to negative feedback simply don't care to do so BUT AS SOON AS 1 MAN expresses his support to reactions EVERY FREAKIMG REACTOR comes running to hog credit and appreciates their support, then why do you people respond to negative feedback. I'm not talking about you (akasan) I'm talking about reactors who normally don't make news videos about negative stuff but take credit for positive support.

  6. ive seen a couple comments saying that benjen was standing next to bran in the final clip but if you pause its not its the head white that turns the baby into a walker

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