In this article is still a further insanely magnificent mod for all of you GTA 5 video game lovers. I tried out this mod final weekend and it’s tremendous fun! I do not realize how this mods are produced to appear so shut to the authentic factor. The Flash is one particular of my favorite DC superheroes, it absolutely was my favorite back when I was a child and I was watching Justice League on Cartoon Network, but if you question me now, I can’t make your mind up which one particular I like the most. Whichever, let us get back to this mod.



My identify is Michael De Santa and I’m the speediest prison alive… This is what you are likely to say following you try out this mod which is a combination involving two mod documents. The 1st mod is for The Flash’s suit and it was produced by IIZACHARIAHII and you can get it right here, but it can only be worn by Michael. The next mod is the SlowMoMod by CaptainProton42 and this mod is mainly the one particular that does all the fun. With this mod you will run at supersonic pace and you can also run on water or on structures and it was the identical electric power like the one particular Franklin has when he’s driving which allows you to sluggish time down to manage the way that you push, or the way that you run in this scenario, you can get this mod right here. You also get the sick buzzing sound that The Flash does when his managing and you also have sparks on his ankles. For an in depth appear at this mod, test out IGN’s movie:



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