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Get pleasure from the second gameplay trailer of our forthcoming activity “Hatred”. Few months have passed since the very first reveal and all the storm in media it caused. Time to present something extra and feed our hungry admirers!

Below we focused on destruction programs. As The Antagonist, you will be ready to oblitterate every little thing on your way, and induce a gruesome damage. You will be an incarnation of apocalypse, dislike and destruction!

Remain tuned for extra!

20 thoughts on “Hatred: Devastation Gameplay Trailer

  1. Will there be a Jewish DLC where the main character can remote control pilot Boeing aircraft into large US government financial buildings and then subsequently press a button to perform a controlled demolition on said buildings to finish off a false flag mass murder operation which will then be blamed on Muslims in order to incite near endless wars in the middle east on Israel's behalf?

    If so and its a success can we then expect to see a five dancing Israelis follow up DLC update pack??

  2. Where the fuck is humanity heading to. Seriously.
    Things like these makes me lose hope in the human being.
    Why would you even make or play this? How mentally disturbed you have to be??
    Incredible and sad as fuck

  3. Holy shit… is this for real?

    Normally I'd say "I think this is a bit too much" and politely back off… but since SJWs have become so unreasonable lately, I have to applaud the guts of whoever is standing up against them.

    Still won't buy the game, though — I'm pretty sure I don't want to play as an uber-misanthrope hellbent on destroying humanity, which is what it looks like from the trailer. I guess "Hatred" is a very fitting title. I won't play it myself, but I'm glad it managed to get into Steam.

    Also, LOL at how the logo is styled in the same font as the original Doom. Truly, Hatred will spark all kinds of similar controversies that Doom provoked in the 90s.

    EDIT: Nevermind, the over-the-top dialogue/voice acting makes it look much more extreme than it really is. Extremely edgy trailer, the game itself is less edgy. Take a look at TotalBiscuit's video if you want to know more. It does look like an interesting game, though.

  4. Unleash this guy on ISIS, Neo-Nazis, KKK, Satan, North Korea, The entire Chinese army, and Sasuke Uchiha; and everything that evil and see who's hatred is the strongest

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