Assemble the Crew. Dwell the Adventure. LEGO® Marvel’s Avengers comes January 2016. #LEGOMarvelAvengers #NYCC

Join the LEGO Marvel’s Avengers crew and knowledge the initial console videogame that includes people and storylines from the critically-acclaimed film Marvel’s The Avengers, the blockbuster sequel Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, and extra. Perform as the most powerful Superheroes in their quest to help you save the planet.
Understand extra listed here:

20 thoughts on “LEGO® Marvel’s Avengers Video clip Game Trailer #two #LEGONYCC

  1. they should put the first thor and ironmans movies and hulks movie too. and the name of the game should be lego MCU the videogame and make an update when a new movie appears like civil war black panther thor 3 and a big etc.

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