Announcement trailer for The Deep Conclusion Games’ approaching title.

Examine us out at

A narrative horror adventure showcasing a young blind female who will have to clear up mysteries and escape a lethal existence.

Formulated by a tiny workforce of industry vets from game titles like BioShock and Useless Space.

20 thoughts on “Notion Trailer

  1. I really like the concept behind this game, but, oh god, I hope the narration doesn't stay, at least as it is now. It was annoying and completely destroyed the tone of this trailer.

  2. Interesting! But I don't really think I can play this because I couldn't play Bioshock due to motion sickness… Hope this one won't have too much colours or shaking cameras…

  3. Kudos for trying something new. I just have some valid concerns. The narrator/speaker lacks the desperate/dark tone to her voice. She sounds like narrating her sorority summer getaways. Second, she talks too much. Third, there are no hands

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