From the creators of Halo and the organization that brought you Connect with of Obligation, comes Destiny, an epic experience as opposed to anything gamers have seasoned. Pre-get now:

In Destiny you are a Guardian of the past city on Earth, capable to wield outstanding electrical power. Check out the historic ruins of our photo voltaic procedure, from the crimson dunes of Mars to the lush jungles of Venus. Defeat Earth’s enemies. Uncover all that we have missing. Develop into legend.

Pre-Buy Destiny to equipment up for working day a person with unique, early entry to Vanguard weapons and equipment and a Vanguard player emblem.

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48 thoughts on “Official Destiny E3 Gameplay Trailer

  1. their are so many thing missing from this game soooo many
    1. shooting from sparrow or sparrow inspired missions where your being chased by other sparrow enemies or like in halo where you can use a tank you can add other players to the tank etc
    2. Air flight missions whether in space or on a planet you guys didn't even allow us to try and breach the dreadnought you just made it a animated scene e.g. look at 2:15 to 2:19. that could easily bee a mission.
    3. in all honesty their are so many things that could be added to the game but i wont write them because bungie wont read them and Bungie you have no excuse because you made a great game like HALO so reply to this comment and ill reply to you

  2. Wow I see the queens brother pointing a gun at a warlock, of course that was cut, this game would've been a lot better if bungie never screwed us over. :(

  3. Sometimes I think that Bungie did all the work, and Activision only came into the office just to cut back content and make them into dlc for more cash. The real question is, how many more dlc's are there to come? We got 4 already.

  4. This trailer looks great, I would gladly buy this game..but I ended up buying DESTINY instead, and that game sucks.

    Do not buy Destiny people..its a fucking rip off

  5. i came today on this cannel, rewatching every trailer before this game's release, pretending as if i never played or heard of destiny, and now i realize, after a little more than a year, how extremely overhyped this way

  6. Look at all this shit I paid for and then paid for and then paid for to finally get(kind of get) and not enjoy because a pile of shit made me pay for it three times

  7. Everyone is blaming Activision let's not forget that bungie new exactly what they were getting into when they signed the contract with Activision.

  8. I know the what the song in this trailer is called (Conversions by Ninja tracks; for those of you who didn't know.) But what is the version that they use in this video? Its AWESOME! Who is the editor?

  9. Now that the taken king is out and what not anyone see the queens brother at 2.00 since hes not dead and his ship crashed on mars im guessing this cut scene will be used at some point in the future obviously they have to change the back ground from earth to mars though

  10. the game looks better this way but activon and bungie screwed it up…. LIKE LOOK AT IT, THEY TOOK AWAY, OLD CHICAGO, MERCERY AND SATERN WAS GOING TO BE IN THE GAME.

  11. wait woah woah woah was one of the frames mercury, which was only accessible after a year of the games release and this was released in June 2013?! Wtf happened Bungie.

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