This is the formal cinematic trailer for Planet of Warcraft, which marked the start of the game that took the entire world by storm.

Study more about the tale of Planet of Warcraft below:


20 thoughts on “Planet of Warcraft Cinematic Trailer

  1. We shall never see it's like again…./sigh. It was so unique – the world was rich with social interaction. Everything was new. You could see all those places that you saw in the old WC RTS series. One can hardly beat this formula and the penultimate storm of perfection Blizzard had accidently come across.

  2. Once or twice a year i come back here. Watching, thinking about my past. I will never forget making a character with my brother. He a Tauren Shaman, I myself a Tauren Druid. Together, side by side roaming through Mulgore, having no idea of the beautifull adventures that where ahead of us. Thank you Blizzard.

  3. old good times….It wasnt any games so great and good than wow. I very liked and a lot of people too it was worth to play :)One of my best things what i liked was mob grinding and raids (loved Aletrac Valley as a best Bg created ever) It was a new game and nothing were balanced but iam thinking to return to wow vanilla in Nostalrius :)Some day wow will die but all memories will be fantastic to me.I love this game so much and i will love it until wow dies

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