Eric Shane and Aaron react to and go over smosh’s honest activity trailer for pokemon purple and blue for the gameboy and gameboy color.

Look at our Pokemon Deathbattle right here:

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20 thoughts on “Pokemon Crimson and Blue Honest Sport Trailer Reaction!!

  1. Bulbasaur was the go to starter pokemon in gen 1 if you were thinking strategy as he owned the first two trainers then became a consistent force for the rest of the game until they hella nerfed him in the later generations. It was the last good grass type (to me) for the next several gens until they started giving the new starter types the default secondary type of ground hence given them a advantage over the high amount weaknesses the other grass types suffered from

  2. I don't understand when people talk about Charmander being the Hard difficulty in Pokemon. It was an easy game with him on my side. Rock pokemon? Pffft Metal Claw baby. Water Pokemon? Too fast for a single hit. And etc etc etc. Now if you want hard, then make a game where you have a Pichu who can't evolve and you can't catch any other pokemon. I bet I could beat it.
    – via YouPak(.com)

  3. 1) Charmander evolves into Charizard which, though it doesn't have the typing, is a cool looking dragon.

    2) The creators made the 1st gen game with the idea that the starter Pokemon would be a pseudo difficulty setting.
    Bulbasaur- easy- Super affective against Brock and misty, with Surge's electrical attacks being not very effective against it.
    Squirtle- Normal- Super effective against Brock. Not very effective against Misty and vice versa. Not very effective against and gets destroyed by Surge.
    Charmander- Hard- Not very effective against AND gets destroyed by both Brock AND Misty. Neutral against Surge.

    I personally picked Charmander, evolved it to Charmeleon, and caught a Nidoran for the double kick to fight Brock. My Nidoran got destroyed. My whole team got destroyed. I defeated Brok and his Onyx with my Charmeleon's not very effective attacks. I don't remember how I defeated Misty.

  4. It feels so weird when people talk about bulbasaur never being picked.
    As a kid, I picked him all the time. He breezed the first two gyms, and then became a reliable status effect inflicter.

    It's only nowadays that I started picking squirtle.
    The water starter is always the best strategic choice, because it can surf without the use of an HM slave, it can learn ice moves, and they often have great hp.

  5. I love Bulbasaur. And Mega Venasaur can take on a Mega Charizard if played right. It's a tank.
    Anyways they do all the Pokemon for each new generation! It's awesome

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