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PS4 – Daylight Trailer (Horror Sport). Release date : 2014 for PlayStation 4 ! Subscribe now to get the very best PlayStation 3 (PS3), PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Playstation Video games trailers, gameplay teasers, videogame walkthrough and ingame videos ! Daylight PS4 Trailer.

30 thoughts on “PS4 – Daylight Trailer (Horror Game)

  1. I like the premise of this game and it looks scary as fuck, but what is up with those graphics? I know it's indie. I know it's low budget. But those textures are TERRIBLE. Just look at the hand at 0:03 and tell me it doesn't look like a PS2 game. The rest of the footage is just as bad. It stood out like a sore thumb the moment I saw this game. I can't be the only one who sees it. I mean, it wouldn't cut it for PS3, let alone PS4.

  2. It actually has pretty good graphics. . And excellent lighting with the new engine they used. And the gameplay is completely random. . So what happens to you will be completely different than anyone else. . But you can't tell from this youtube video how good the graphics are. But go to the games official website. 

  3. … This makes me play 3+ rated games, like seriously, I can't stand the pressure of the trailer ! XD

    Somehow I can watch horror movies quite easily but just can't get close to a horror game hahaha

  4. In games like these the character you play as should not say a word…especially if the voice-acting is as poor as this trailer makes it seem to be….nonetheless, I am totally going to get this game and pray that it scares me, though I am a bit worried that Outlast has raised the bar so high for the horror genre that I might now be desensitized to any game that falls short of the terrifying experience that Red Barrels supplied us with…

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