Check out out this gameplay trailer to know every little thing about killing your target in Hitman!
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20 thoughts on “PS4 – HITMAN Gameplay Trailer [E3 2015]

  1. I wonder if I get at least one view for my blackops3 beta shorttage with this comment. took me 30 min. on ps. share factory, got 22 subs and not asking for much. just enjoy the video. it really makes you wanna play bo3.

  2. the reason why blood money was fucking amazing is because there were places you could ACTUALLY go to without a disguise,like the hotel level,you felt like a normal guy going to his room,then fucking blowing everyone to pieces with your SILENCED SHOTGUN

  3. Looks good, love these games. I've platinumed all of them (HD Trilogy on PS3), and Absolution, so I'm curious the trophies this title will have. Wasn't a fan of the "get every gun" trophies, but Absolution went away from that and I'm hoping this title stays away from it too, just gets too tedious. Glad to see the "create your contract" is coming back for you and friends. Made some sweet contracts in Absolution that friends played, tons of fun.

    Anyone know good details on pre-order bonuses from specific vendors (PS digital, Game Stop, Best Buy, etc…)?

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