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19 thoughts on “Resident Evil 5 – TGS ’08 (Game Trailer (HD)

  1. A great game. Resident evil 5 is one of the better new Resident evils. To bad Capcom is so broke that they couldn't make re7 even if they wanted to. If they do lets pray it is better than re6

  2. Should I buy this game or re6? I play the re5 demo and it's just like 4 which I loved. 6 looks like a great game but it's too much combat moves and zombies with guns…. I don't care about horror and stuff just which game is better?

  3. the only complain as an RE freak i have for this game: Single Player and Sheva make it difficult to play the game on the pro difficulties, other than that, i enjoyed this game, at least the games are far more better than the live action movies, glad the partner-wasting-ammo thing got looked at and resolved in RE6

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