1 man. Seven evil boyfriends. Infinite quarters.

20 thoughts on “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Game Trailer (E3 2010)

  1. There's so much potential to this story that fails to meet with the comic I don't want this game…. I want a new Scott pilgrim game instead :) the game starts off like any beat em up but why start there tho aduilt swim made Scott fight when he was in high school with Kim and Kim struggled before that I feel tale tell should have made the game but I blame the creator for refusing the 3D aprouch but I honestly want a 3D roam around Scott pilgrim beat em up anyone would be against it okay fine sure maybe GTA gas that in a way not really cause there guns there's no hack and slash games beat em up world game I want Scott pilgrim cause it represent video games in genereal there no POW or WAM signs like comics not even super hero games do a mix of comic on there's Scott is all but both so why not? I love this movie and i love the game and the game wasn't good enough I want more the online sucks for that game I just want a reboot or sequal or whole new game that's all

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