What if the tale in Sword Artwork Online had absent beyond the seventy fifth ground? (Re)learn a model new tale with Re:Hollow Fragment on PlayStation 4. Be part of the neighborhood on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/web pages/Sword-Artwork-Online-Online video-Video games/308419149358892

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35 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Re:Hollow Fragment – PS4 – Return to SAO (English Trailer)

  1. This trailer is Re:tarded -_-

    Why the hell is there a half-assed "Re:" In every fucking scene with text…sigh

    Atleast I have Dark Souls 3 to look up to.

  2. Honestly, if they're gonna make a sword art online game, i dont wanna play as kirito or anyone in the game, i wanna play as my character. My own avatar. I want to start as someone who doesnt know wtf is happening like the rest of the cast of sao at the start of the game. Is that too much to ask ;-;

  3. una pregunta, vamos a empezar en el 1er piso o desde el piso 75? (o sólo podemos jugar de los 75 a 100 pisos?)
    Because i want buy this game but only if we start at first floor at lvl 1

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