Dive into the latest journey in The Elder Scrolls collection with The Elder Scrolls: Legends – a cost-free-to-enjoy technique card activity.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends will provide collectively the rich lore and interesting worlds in The Elder Scrolls collection conveniently to your iPad or Laptop later on this 12 months.

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ESRB Score PENDING: May consist of content inappropriate for little ones. Take a look at www.esrb.org for score info.”

20 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls: Legends – E3 2015 Teaser Trailer

  1. i know this wont replace tes yes stupid fanboys i know that but why a damn card game? why not say a role playing game like daggerfall? of course not on the same level as that game but just one similar too it but it also (just like fallout on mobile) foreshadows game play machanics for tes 6 and you can discover hidden lore on the series as a whole somthing like that you explore it find easter eggs hidden fore shasowing messages of what game play would be like in tes 6 (but just a tiny bit too keep us wanting for more) that would be cool

  2. Don't tell me to relax, be patient or go play COD. I'm not happy and neither are the majority of the people who have watched this video, we can obviously tell most bethesda fans are not a fan other the dull, lazy and pathetic card game franchise. They would prefer that bethesda didnt waist their fucking time on some crap game thats going to turn out like elder scrolls online. If your patient enough to wait 3 more years for a new elder scrolls then you must be alien. Meanwhile people the mods are stopping and the community is dying for Skyrim… It may be a good Elder Scrolls but it's not 8 years of content. People only started playing fallout again when they heard fallout 4 was being announced, after 3 years they god bored and fucked off to a different game, you cant just expect your fans to wait a ridiculous amount of time for another game.

  3. Why the hell has this gotten so many dislikes?

    It's just another option of game for people to try. It's not taking away your next Elder Scrolls RPG game. And it could be pretty good.

    Fuck me, I feel sorry for the world my kids/grand-kids are going to have to grow up in.

  4. Why is everyone ignoring TES:O? Count like 5 years from that release and not Skyrim. :DDD
    On a serious note, i am looking forward to this card game. If Blizzard succeeded with HS, why can't Bethesda too? (even though they are just publishing it)

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