Look at the official start trailer for the new match The Witcher two. Get ready for fight against the supernatural in the sequel to hardcore Personal computer RPG.

24 thoughts on “The Witcher 2: Official Launch Trailer

  1. Completed The Witcher 3 and Heart of stone so I went back to play this instead and sure there's a few annoying things but it's just as brilliant!

  2. Is it just me or does Triss look and sound way younger than in Witcher 1 (although she should be older in Witcher 2)… always struck me as something weird. Good Game, I'm only at the beginning but already annoyed by some of the fights, maybe I'm just too bad, lol

  3. Just found out about the witcher series after checking out witcher 3…my mind is blown on how the hell i missed out all this time…better late than never i suppose lol

  4. For the love of Gandalf, is there any way to play this game if you don't have a strong PC or Xbox 360? Will it be coming out to PS3 soon or something? The 3rd game is here soon :S

  5. This game will be free on January 1st along with MX vs ATV but you will have to search Witcher 2 because they wont be advertising it yet but you can get it early. 

  6. can somebody help me my installer says that 2_apple_island.usm file is corrupted.. and got stucked in 65% while installing… really want to play thisgame :(

  7. after seeing this after finishing the game i feel like i missed a couple of cutscenes that i feel should have been on the path i was doing.

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