Just take a appear at this gameplay trailer for This War of Mine.

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38 thoughts on “This War of Mine – Gameplay Trailer

  1. +Indie Station the gaming community now days : 60% troubled kids with psychology problems 40% 20-25 years old with the brain of 12 years old!!!!

  2. http://culture.pl/en/article/the-song-from-this-war-of-mine

    Nice article about the song, with only authorised translation:

    And when he comes in my direction
    The high Clockmaster walking steady
    I'll give my life to his protection
    To face a future bright and ready

    The days are running through my body
    With ground and air fading away
    I'll take a long last look for always
    To go I don't know where to darkness.

  3. Dumb Western Propaganda. I hope this happens in America while it's Russian Soldiers killing these Zionist Civilians. Long live Putin.

    Just jokes

  4. I've been trying to play it as realistically as possible, but ended up taking a gun to one of the buildings that says there were shady looking people there (It was the least risk in my eyes to find food). I wound up getting caught and killed 2 of them with superior firepower (I killed a soldier trying to rape a woman a few days before by sneaking up on him with a shovel). I killed someone that was unarmed for being associated with him worried he may come back for my group seeking revenge. This game is really well done, but it can make you feel guilty too as you do what you have to in order to survive another day.

    10/10 so far =)

  5. Anyone played this? Is it worth reviewing? i mean I have come up with a channel and some of my friends still want a video on it by me! Anyone?

  6. our world needed this game. to remind us war is not a good thing. or a fun thing.
    Mankind must put a end to war before it puts an end to mankind" -John F Kennedy

  7. That brief scene at 1:15 hits me the hardest for some reason.
    See, I don't know why – but I feel like I have way more empathy than a normal human should. When it comes to even moral choices in just this game, no matter how desperate my group was for food, I could never bring myself to steal or murder.

  8. the thing is that there is no load game, fucks up everything. yes, that's a cool thought that every of your acts, consequences're following, but you make a little mistake and the whole of your play is fucked up. unfortunately, pavle was killed on my 11th day, by a really big misfortune. and that's all, there's no sense to play then, the whole is fucked up. and all your efforts and everything you put in the game, just flows away on a shitstream. I'm so fucking angry I deleted the game. fuck the game's impossible save system. and the lack of chance to reload for at least one fucking time. I loved this game. from then, just fuck that…

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