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[Style: Sci-Fi, Tragicomedy, Romance, Psychological]

50 thoughts on “To the Moon – Trailer

  1. although one has to question the morality of the main character's actions, i can't deny that this is a wonderfull game and expierence in general

  2. Just decided to play this the other day randomly, had it sitting on my list from a Humble Bundle. Don't usually try RPG Maker created games, but this was short and had great reviews. I'm glad I did, some great and emotional writing, beautiful story.

  3. Thank You Thank You Thank You.. for Everything.. for Every bit, every pixel of this game or note of every song.. I' ve played many and many games.. but NO ONE of them thouch my Heart, my soul like this. It' s a masterpiece, a brilliant diamond!

  4. This game is my #1 most meaningful game. This game… brought me to tears several times. I love this game so much… its so beautiful… thank you.

  5. Ken – I just finished TO THE MOON Last night….This was one of GREATEST video games I have ever played. My tears were flowing at the end of this game. I just reviewed your game. I'm excited to check out A Bird Story next – AMAZING job – This was unbelievable. The game really affected me.

  6. This is the first game to ever make me cry. This game is not a great game… it's fucking amazing. This game means alot to me and to my brother because it just doesn't give us the death of Johnny. It got us to remember the people that died that were like role models to us like Monty Oum or Colin Wycoff(Kitty0706). This game has reached us. Has it reached you?

  7. Honestly, this is not a game, neither an art. This is a MASTERPIECE. It proves you that you don't need fancy graphic or complicated gameplay for a game to be amazing.

  8. So I begged my dad to let me get this on steam, he finally let me. I played it and sobbed so hard. I have never cried that hard over a video game before. This game is truly amazing. To The Moon is honestly one of my favorite games of all time.

  9. recommed this game. from trailer and to play. it's very very make me sad.
    because you will be know if you play this game :( :'( :(
    The Love story on this game very good and best.
    more-more best on this game.
    Please play this game

  10. can someone suggest more games like this :(((
    my list
    1. To the moon
    2. The walking dead (kenny's ending)
    3. Ghost trick (not that sad but 10/10 story)

  11. If i could recommend any one game to someone starting indie gaming, id pick this one as it captures the true essence of he art form,

  12. One thing that you don't get from this trailer is how truly funny this game is. So well written, and so poignant, but such wonderful humour throughout

  13. If you debating on playing this, please do! take 4 hours and play the whole thing in one sitting! its an amazing game and you'll get the most of it in one sitting! 

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