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View Puppies E3 2013 Gameplay Trailer – E3 2013 Sony Meeting

44 thoughts on “Watch Dogs E3 2013 Gameplay Trailer – E3 2013 Sony Conference

  1. No solamente molesta que hayan hecho un "downgrade" en cuanto a lo gráfico,
    sino que también se nota que hasta la historia estuvo bastante tocada. Todos sus trailers mostraban algo oscuro, denso, el ambiente era bastante jodido. Pero el resultado final fue cualquier cosa. Es como si el equipo que se encargó en un principio del juego, hubiese sido despacho totalmente. Se apuraron en sacarlo al mercado y ya!
    Incluso algunas misiones, secuencias y diálogos se ven totalmente diferentes al resultado final…
    Una verdadera lástima porque el concepto, la idea del juego, era bastante fresca
    y hubiesen sorprendido con un muy buen juego. Ojalá, si piensan sacar algún "Watch_Dogs 2", no se rebajen y saquen algo enorme en todo aspecto.

  2. I want to believe that WD2 will improve on the gameplay they promised. To really make this a thinking man's game, expand on the hacking elements and STOP TRYING TO BE GTA.

  3. I still don't get why everyone was so disappointed with this game. Literally almost every single thing shown in this trailer is the same as the final product, it just doesn't look QUITE as nice. Since when did graphics become the only thing that matters in a game?

  4. i was hating WD for the lie that showd us in the E3 game play and we thought all the game is like this but now i just finished the game and realized that i was so wrong and its not fair to us to blame UBI for this coz it was one of the best game i ever played and the graphic still one of the best i stopped many time when i was paying just to look at the views and the rain and all that great stuff like the rain lake in the street so i was wrong and this game is now one of my favorite of all time . now our powerful pc with the latsest GTX can barely run this game so imagine what kind of graphic card we need to runa game just like the one that we saw in the E3 ? i think its impossible now unless we got something like quad SLI GTX TITAN Z .

  5. While the Game is not everything it lived up to be I am quite enjoying it. These are demos for a reason. I am not trying to hate on the PS4 and X1 but I truly believe most devs expected them to be much more powerful than they are. That is why when we saw the Witcher 3 Demo and Watch Dogs demos they were so high tier. Yet that was not the case. The consoles were weaker and to get good performance on them there had to be compromises. I am not complaining though as on the PC the games still look great. Even on the consoles they look nice. I guess what I am trying to say is everyone needs to stop complaining about "graphical downgrades" and enjoy the games. The games still look great!

  6. I want to go back to playing this game, I don't know if I should though because of all the stuff I heard about this game. I wish i could a send a message to the creators of the game and tell them why the game couldn't look like the e3 gameplay.

  7. You should stop blaming Ubisoft for the downgrade!!! They showed us long before the game even came out that she wont look like that!!! I dont want to start no wars,but you should blame the consoles,not Ubisoft for this,they downgraded it because of the consoles.Witcher 3 on consoles is not only buggy,but looks like Crysis 3 on ps3 vs Crysis 3 on pc…..MGS 5 looks a lot better on PC then its PS4 version as well.If games continue to improve on graphics,consoles wont be able to keep on.Thats why for 1 or 2 years games will stop improving the graphics,because the gaming industry gets more money from consoles,not from pc gamers that download it for free…..I think Sony and Microsoft should start working with the specs they have and make an awesome looking game like Sony did with god of war 3,which still looks better then some games today,even if its on the ps3.Console ports cant release the full potential of those machines and are holding back some PC games from looking great,cause if it looks gorgeous on pc and meh on consoles,who will really buy himself a console????

  8. I liked the game actually. Didn't see much wrong with it, besides driving mechanics sucked, the inability to jump, (essential for an open world game) and no combat mechanics (fighting, even if it's with random pedestrians, melee weapons, etc.)

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